Half Moon Bay

A pair of visitors argue over the location of Maverick’s surf break in Half Moon Bay, a little ways south of San Francisco, California. It’s a reasonable question, since the break is well hidden out in the ocean off Pillar Point. Maverick’s surf break is one of the most famous Big Wave surf breaks in the world and without doubt the most dangerous. Because of the danger and the skills required, Big Wave surfing attracts only a small percentage of the world’s professional surfers. An even smaller group comes to Maverick’s every winter for Jeff Clark’s annual December to February contest. 24 world-class surfers sign up for an alert that gives them 24 hours to be in the water and ready to charge. Unfortunately, what put Maverick’s on the media map was the death on December 23, 1994, of surfing hero Mark Foo.

Half Moon Bay, California

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