Everything has to end somewhere, and the Mississippi River, The Great River Road, and the peninsula at the very tip of the State of Louisiana all peter out near this magnificent Black Cormorant bayou in the famous Mississippi delta. The mighty river and its road arrive here after flowing and running through ten States and 3,765 km, all the way from the Canadian border.

Speaking of endings, these cormorant trees get their looks from the bird droppings, which are slowly killing the roots. The cormorants will nest and pollute here until the last tree collapses, then fly off to lay waste to another forest somewhere. But they are an ancient species, vaguely related to the pelican, and have been doing this since the time of the dinosaurs. Human policies have ranged from extermination to protection to taming of these expert competitors for the fish population.

We don’t recommend traveling here during hurricane season. Georges, Katrina, and Irene all flattened the area.


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