Our nominee for Best Guide Ever is Jimmy Miller, son of the original and justifiably famous Alligator Annie, who whiled away an entire day exploring the cricks and bayous of southeastern Louisiana with us. We met him early in the morning at the Bayou Delight Restaurant on Bayou Black Drive and took off in his swamp boat for places we could never find again in a million years.

It doesn’t hurt when you show up between Christmas and New Year’s, when the already relaxed locals haven’t seen an outsider in weeks. Lockhart’s wife found Jimmy by asking around the shops and cafés in town in her best Texas drawl. He wasn’t working that week, but, gentleman that he is, showed up anyway. The result was some of the best–and most intricate–photos we’ve ever taken.

Lockhart has only suffered through two tours in his life (the other was to Petra in Jordan, another place where it pays to bring along someone who knows where they’re going). Yet, even if he was less snooty and obstreperous on the subject, he’s pretty sure Jimmy would own the title.

If you’re headed for Houma, here is Jimmy’s website, such as it is.

Louisiana, USA.

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