You would have thought you were on a movie set. We followed a dowdy, middle-aged couple all the way down to the Library of Celsius in the Ephesus ruins, as the husband juggled his over-sized camera and barked staging and posing directions, while the wife shoved her airspace rivals out of the way. A quick freeze into casual Rita Hayworth, a fleeting forced grin, a snap of the shutter, and they were barreling off through the crowds for their next movie-poster spectacular.


Most people aren’t this rude or ridiculous, but the exhibition did set us to thinking about posing. We take thousands of photos to get the few we post, and many of them include each other. But generally, it helps if the pose or the clothes or something about the individual somehow fits into the scene. 


We weren’t always so picky. We have 100 photos of Glinda in NY Yankees baseball cap grinning out of some of the most spectacular scenery in the world at Petra in Jordan. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think we’d superimposed her like the gnomes in the movie Amélie. But nowadays, unless Glinda is near-prostrate with the heat (see photo), we make an effort to liven up our how-we-spent-our-summer-vacation slideshow with some kind of interest. It’s the least you can do for your long-suffering friends and neighbors back home.


Now that we’re paying attention, we’ve found that some people actually do a very good job with their posing. In fact, they’ve turned into our latest favorite photo subject.


Categories: Croatia, Turkey

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