The Bosna


Sooner or later, you’re going to try one of these, as they spread all over the civilized world. The Bosna was invented in 1950 by the Balkan Grill Walter, a pretentious name for a tiny closet with a window in an alley off the Salzburg Altstadt. If you can bear the long lines of local enthusiasts, even in subzero weather, you’ll be munching on the walk-around sandwich of your dreams.

Two skinny brats with onions, fresh parsley, a dusting of curry powder, and enough mild Austrian mustard to fill the toasted bun. Ketchup for the Americans, although we don’t recommend it. Sounds easy? Then why haven’t McDonalds or Starbucks stolen the formula?

Since its birth in Salzburg, the Bosna has spread from alp to valley, to every walk-up comfort food window in Austria. Conde Nast Traveller deems it a one-sandwich food group. We couldn’t agree more. Healthy? Not exactly. But in a driving blizzard, with or without a semi-frozen lager in your fist, the Bosna will make you forget those sunny Californian skies of last month.

We should know.

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