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Death Valley

Our first encounter with an American desert came in driving Interstate 15 north from Los Angeles to Las Vegas through the High Mojave. Where we expected to find Lawrence of Arabia waving from atop a sand dune, we instead crossed a moonscape of barren rocks and tumbleweed half-hidden […]


Our coolest photo shoot ever took us to the Fantiscritti marble fields in the hills above Carrara, in Tuscan Italy, in search of the hole the quarrymen left in 1464 when cutting out the marble for Michelangelo’s David. Within minutes, we were soaked to the bone by the […]

County Sligo

Just another day in paradise? It would be, especially under this surreal pre-storm atmosphere, except… In Ireland, you can never entirely separate Yeats’ “terrible beauty” from the historical events that for centuries made it such a horror show of British misgovernment. Small farms like this one in County […]

New Orleans

From 1897 until 1917, “Sporting Houses” were not only legal in New Orleans, they provided the city with its largest and most reliable income source. Tourists were sold Blue Books listing every available woman in town by race. For a license fee of $100 per courtesan and $250 […]


For people who bemoan the state of US politics, Belgium provides an instructive example. The usual Left, Center, and Right political parties are each divided by ethnicity into French Wallon and Flemish, producing six major enduring parties and a host of splinters. Things get so bad that the […]


This shot of our neighborhood in Bruxelles says everything about the Belgian dilemma. In the distance, le Cinquantenaire, a massive memorial to 50 years of Belgian independence built out of the profits of Congolese slavery. In the foreground, Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery surveys the parks and boulevards he […]


In May of 1945, as news reports then had it, all of the top Nazi leaders vanished from the face of the earth. Hermann Göring, Joachim von Ribbentrop, Wilhelm Keitel, Julius Streicher, all of them gone. No one knew that they had been whisked away to the hidden resort […]