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The Expatriate

Mac Macleod always assumed that the grandiose plans he achieved would define his life, that he would live on past his time in the international corporation he built, the workers employed, the generations educated—all that wonderful, big-picture stuff of a self-made man’s dreams. But now he’s not so […]

The Quotidian

Three years later, Mike and Tuesday Miller are at it again—except, as far as Tuesday’s concerned, they’re not at anything together. She’s ditched her husband and moved on to national network TV. When her reporter nose gets her in trouble—again!—Mike grumbles off to the rescue. And finds himself […]

Rancho Palos Verdes

Emanuel Swedenborg was an odd dude even by the standards of the early 18th century that produced him. An acute and incisive scientific mind, he produced a string of remarkable insights into topics all the way from metallurgy and flying machines to neurons, pituitary glands, and the cerebral […]


The British Tommies called it Wipers in World War I, when they and the Anzacs and Canadians fought five murderous battles here against an enemy they called the Hun. First Ypres in October and November of 1914, Second Ypres in April and May of 1915, Passchendaele from July […]


American history buffs will recognize the cliché from the plethora of plaques and monuments up and down the eastern Atlantic Seaboard that announce that “George Washington slept here.” The Italians harbor a similar attachment to the peripatetic Giuseppe Garibaldi, who, judging by plaques and monuments, appears to have […]


Not even we can fall in love with everywhere we travel, and Vienna has always been an ambiguous experience. First, the Hapsburgs. There is nothing particularly heroic in the way they built the empire here–through marrying off their children to boobs like Louis XVI of France and cynically […]

Half Moon Bay

A pair of visitors argue over the location of Maverick’s surf break in Half Moon Bay, a little ways south of San Francisco, California. It’s a reasonable question, since the break is well hidden out in the ocean off Pillar Point. Maverick’s surf break is one of the […]