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On the dreary morning of 27 May, 1942, SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich was on his way to work in Prague Castle when a pair of British-trained Czech suicidal bombers, Jan Kubiš and Jozef Gabčík, attacked his car on a country road outside of town and assassinated him. Adolf Hitler’s initial […]


We started to upload this photo on June 19, which, by pure coincidence, was Father’s Day. Prague is full of Judeo-Christian-themed statuary, so we initially assumed this was Abraham and Isaac doing their thing—not exactly Father’s Day material. It turned out that this was one of a pair […]


One of ancient Bohemia’s gifts to the language of the world was the concept of “defenestration”–the throwing of political enemies out of multi-story windows. The practice got underway in 1419 with the tossing of 15 local political leaders through the windows of this castle. The Second Defenestration of […]

Slavkov U Brna

We were driving along a Czech highway at German speed–that’s the other side of 100MPH–when we spotted these unmistakable cement silos dressed up as unmistakably grouchy French artillery. Suddenly it dawned on us that the nearby village of Slavkov U Brna had to be the former Austrian settlement […]