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Remagen am Rhein

In 2000 years, the only invaders to cross the middle Rhein River were Caesar’s Romans and Napoleon’s French. Then on the afternoon of 7 March,1945, Sgt. Alex Drabik, a Polish-American from Toledo, Ohio, led his squad in a lunatic sprint across the creaking Ludendorff Bridge under withering German […]

Orient Express

The original Orient Express started running in 1881 from Paris to Istanbul via the northern, Romanian route (Paris-München-Wien-Budapest-București-Istanbul). After World War I, the southern route substituted Belgrade-Sofia for București to bypass the worst of the Balkan political mayhem. After growing up with Agatha Christie (Murder On the Orient Express), Graham Greene (Stamboul Train), and Ian […]

Mosel River

The Middle Mosel, from Trier to Pünderich, might be the most beautiful river valley in the world. Terraced vineyards, broken castles, pristine crosses, and overhung footpaths line the banks between bucolic towns that have rarely suffered the sting of war or the axes of urban renewal. Life slows […]


This photo was taken at 20:03, or 2 hours and 11 minutes before the first sirens would have sounded on 13 February, 1945, to alert the Dresdeners to what was coming from this direction. The target was the Altstadt, or Old City, not for its military value, but […]


Losers rarely advertise their losses, so it came as no surprise that it took us three hours, one speeding ticket, a schnitzel-and-wine break, and a 19th century map to find this intersection in Saxon Germany on the road from Jena to Auerstadt. On this spot on the morning […]