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In one of the stranger juxtapositions we’ve ever seen, Native American musicians in full costume play New Age music with flutes, drums, and eerie recorded backup sounds on the Piazza del Duomo outside Milan Cathedral. The square is home to an enormous array of street entertainers and musicians, but this act is by far the most popular.

Cat Flight From Birdland

Mama never did bake him cookies, but somewhere along the way, the beautiful underworld courier Mathilde Durand must have taught her son Alec how to cover his tracks and flee from trouble. Handy skills for a Hollywood B-movie producer who responds to his partner’s double-cross by stealing their […]

Daddy’s Girls

All the widower George du Plessis wants to do is sit out on his California beachfront porch, daydream about his late wife Izzie, and not make a hash of raising their two beautiful daughters Gisela and Adelaide. Yet for that plan to work, George would need a far […]

The Expatriate

Mac Macleod always assumed that the grandiose plans he achieved would define his life, that he would live on past his time in the international corporation he built, the workers employed, the generations educated—all that wonderful, big-picture stuff of a self-made man’s dreams. But now he’s not so […]


The British Tommies called it Wipers in World War I, when they and the Anzacs and Canadians fought five murderous battles here against an enemy they called the Hun. First Ypres in October and November of 1914, Second Ypres in April and May of 1915, Passchendaele from July […]


American history buffs will recognize the cliché from the plethora of plaques and monuments up and down the eastern Atlantic Seaboard that announce that “George Washington slept here.” The Italians harbor a similar attachment to the peripatetic Giuseppe Garibaldi, who, judging by plaques and monuments, appears to have […]